Avoid Water Damage

Here are some helpful tips to inspect around your house for avoiding water damage. If you have an old house or new home, simply being aware and knowing what to look for can save you from fixing larger problems down the road. 

Water leaks in the bathroom are often hard to detect since most of the pipes are in the wall. Check the walls for soft spots and discoloration. Inspect adjacent rooms to the bathroom. Water and moisture detected in these areas could indicate a problem in the bathroom. 

Shower and Tubs

  • Inspect tiles to see if any are missing or cracked. Check grout areas to see that the grout is not missing. Water can seep behind tiles and damage the wall if tile and grout is not in good shape.

  • Don't let water sit in the tub. Standing water can find ways to get around a faulty drain.

  • Check out caulking around tubs and showers and replace or repair any areas that may allow water to seep through.

  • Dry the floor immediately after bathing or showering. Don't let water sit on the floor.

  • Use the exhaust fan to pull moist air out of the area. Keep the room as dry as possible.

Sinks and Cabinets

  • These are exposed to moisture every day. Inspect them often to see that there are no leaks or moisture issues that might cause problems.

  • If the trap has a leak or any moisture around it this could indicate a problem with your plumbing.

  • Any drips from faucets need to be repaired. Small leaks lead to larger leaks and bigger problems.

  • Check seals and grout around sinks also. If they are cracked, broken or simply missing replace or repair them.


  • The seal on the bottom of the toilet needs to be inspected regularly. If you see water near the base of the toilet have the seal replaced.

  • Make sure the tank does not leak. If you hear the tank filling for no reason you know there is a leak. This constant water drip can cause damage to the toilet and any others near it that stay wet.

  • Check water lines leading to the toilet. These can often leak and cause damage if left unchecked.

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