Clogged Drains?

One common plumbing problem is clogged or backed up drains.  Often, clogged or backed up drains can be avoided by being careful about what you put down the drain. This is especially true when it comes to the kitchen sink drain. Statistics show that the kitchen sink is the  most used and clogged drain in the house.


Also, high-pressure water jetting is an effective way to clean out sewer and drain lines that are packed with grease or waste. Sometimes a cable with blades will not unstop a drain line because the line is packed solid; therefore, the cable and blades cannot penetrate through it. When this happens a water jet would have to be used to break up the waste in the line and get the line flowing again. We find that most of the time the water jet has to be used on a job where there is a lot of grease being put into the sewer system, or if the line itself is damaged.

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